Stress-Free Water Billing Software That Will Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

A water billing system that keeps customers satisfied

Customers expect water to run when they turn on the tap- They take the service for granted

Managing a water utility can seem like the most thankless job on the planet. While you fight to keep the infrastructure working and up-to-date, your customers just take it for granted that water will flow every time they turn on the tap. While they expect constant supply, they quickly become angry when presented with an inaccurate bill or have difficulty paying their bill.


You’re under constant pressure to contain costs and improve delivery, with a constant stream of unfunded mandates being passed by government.


When staff has to struggle with an antiquated system and deal with unhappy customers day after day, their stress levels increase. As a result, they become unproductive and your costs continue to increase.


That’s why we developed the Diversified Water Billing Software.

Water billing software that will help you create a stress-free, productive environment

A stress free water billing system

When you use the Diversified Water Billing System , your staff will enjoy coming to work!

The Diversified Water Billing Software allows you to streamline your process, from meter reading with a handheld device, radio read and smart meters to generating and sending bills electrically, taking online payments and exporting the data straight to your accounting system.


When you have customer inquiries or complaints, you can quickly bring up all their details on the computer while speaking to them.


Powerful report generating software allows you to keep your finger on the pulse.


The result is, your office will be more productive, with fewer customer complaints tying your staff up and giving them stress. With an easy to use interface and telephone support close at hand, your team will enjoy coming to work.


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