Overview of the Diversified Utility Billing Suite Features

Features of the utility billing software

Regardless of the kind of utility you run, you probably face these challenges: Customers who take your service for granted and complain when they have the slightest problem with their bill or payment while you work frantically behind the scenes to keep it all running smoothly.

With constant pressure to cut costs and improve service, you need a suite of integrated products that will increase staff productivity and reduce your stress.

With an aging workforce, it’s essential your software is feature-rich and easy to use with good telephone support. That’s why we developed the Diversified Utility Billing Suite.

Just Look at the Benefits

Keeps your cash flowing

From your meter reading right through to accounting, Diversified keeps the money flowing. Bills can be sent out electronically, saving paper and postage costs, they can be paid online securely and overdue bills are very easy to track and follow up.

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Your staff will love it

Anybody who is computer literate will have an easy time working their way around the Diversified suite. Cut down on stress and sick leave resulting from staff struggling with antiquated software. Reduce the time your staff have to spend dealing with customer complaints about billing issues.

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Phone support the way you want it

Pick up the phone and speak to somebody right here in the US who understands the system and can walk you through it and resolve your problems. This gives everybody more confidence to use the system and helps increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Reports have never been so easy to generate

Diversified software features one of the most robust reporting modules in the industry with powerful reporting capabilities. Create any report you need then export it in a format compatible to your office software - in a dozen different formats, including MS Excel and Word

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It talks to your other software

Feed data straight from your meter reading software to the Diversified system, then create and send out bills, collect money and then export the data to your accounting software.

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Your data is protected and backed up

Protecting customer data is critical in this era of rampant cyber-crime. Diversified software uses high grade encryption to protect sensitive information and all your data is automatically backed up in a secure data center to protect you against disasters

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Our clients just love the system

Don’t take our word for it, read all the testimonials from Utility managers across the country – it simplifies their life, saves them time and money and makes meter reading and bill collection easier than it’s ever been before.

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What Utility Managers Say About Diversified Technology

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