Trash Billing Software that will Simplify your Billing System!

People take trash collection for granted, but are quick to complain even when they forget to put their trash out!

Running a trash utility can be incredibly labour intensive, trying to keep on top of extra barrels people put out and ensure they are charged fairly. Then you’ve got additional items, tires, furniture, appliances and all the billing headaches that go with them.


And then there’s the move toward recycling and the huge expense of specialized trucks to handle it.


And everybody takes trash collection for granted – but they are quick to complain when they believe they are being charged unfairly or the truck rolls by because they forgot to put out their trash cans. Handling all these complaints has a huge effect on staff morale – employees become unproductive and take more sick leave than they otherwise would, giving you even more problems.


The low regard customers have for trash employees creates even more problems with staff leaving, giving you the headaches and extra costs of retraining and training new staff.


If only there was a way of simplifying the process and reducing the man hours needed to handle the billing process.

That’s why we developed Diversified Trash Billing Software.

The Diversified Trash Billing System simplifies the whole monitoring billing, payment and reporting process

A Simple, powerful trash billing system

A simple, powerful trash billing system that will reduce man hours and costs

The Diversified Trash Billing System is simple powerful and tailored for your specific needs. The system will make it easy to keep track of people incurring extra charges for putting out more than their quota for collection and make it easy to follow up delinquent payers.


When people call to complain, you will have all their information at your fingertips, so they can be easily and professionally dealt with. Online payment options make it fast and easy to collect money and it exports the data directly to your accounting software.


The end result is less man hours required for the same workload and less strain on staff, making their job more enjoyable.


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