Sewer Billing Software that Keeps You in Control of Customer Accounts

Sewer Billing Software that keeps you in control of customer accounts

Customers take their sewage for granted and when they don’t pay, collecting can be very difficult…

Running a sewer utility is particularly challenging. Government regulations keep getting tougher and tougher on the quality of water released into streams and rivers – often resulting in upgrades that cost millions of dollars.


Then there is the challenge with storm water overrunning the treatment plant capacity. Passing additional costs on to customers is always challenging with your staff being flooded with complaints.  You’re caught between a rock and a hard place with the only alternative being costly infrastructure to bypass the plant.


Then just when you seem to be getting on top of things, there’s a major break at the treatment plant, that gives you tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses and blows your budget out.


Costs continue to increase, but your budget doesn’t and debt collection can be difficult if you don’t have a “reciprocal agreement” with the water provider. There is a real need to keep up-to-date with payments and follow up delinquent accounts quickly.


That’s why we developed the Diversified Sewer Billing Suite.

Diversified Sewer Billing Software keeps you in control, with information at your fingertips!

Sewer billing software that streamilines your business

With easy to use Sewer billing software, your staff will be more engaged and productive.

Diversified Sewer Billing Software has powerful features, allowing you to streamline your process: generating and sending bills electrically, taking online payments and then exporting the data straight to your accounting system.


Your staff can quickly follow up delinquent accounts, bringing them into line before they drag on. When you have customer inquiries or complaints, you can quickly bring up all their details on the computer while speaking to them.


Powerful report generating software allows you to keep your finger on the pulse. As a result, your staff will be more productive, fewer customer complaints will keep moral up and a workforce that is more engaged will help keep your costs down and make the business of running a sewage utility more satisfying.


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