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We don’t just make great utility billing software. We use it! Let our billing staff help your billing staff. Or watch the savings pile up as we take full responsibility for your office operations.

Dare to Compare

Dare to compare

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Full Service

  • You are going to be amazed at the savings! It is simple economy of scale.
  • Our well-experienced billing staff uses our industry leading software and the latest equipment.
  • Just send us your meter readings and we will generate your bills, check for anomalies, then print and mail them or e-mail them for you.
  • Payments are received in a dedicated lock box, processed and deposited directly into your operating account.
  • We generate and send late notices and shut office notices accord to the policies you establish.
  • We answer your phones and deal with customer issues, interfacing with your operations group as necessary.

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Limited Service

  • Not ready for full service? Outsource any part of the process that makes sense for you.
  • For some clients we just print and mail (or e-mail) their bills.
  • For some, we also handle their notices.
  • For others, we provide lock box services, then process and deposit their payments.
  • Still others use our Service Bureau to handle their phones and customer service.
  • Whatever makes sense for you. And you’ll still see savings over providing in-house service.

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