Powerful utility billing software that runs happily on your in-house/LAN based system

utility billing software for your in-house/LAN based system

Most managers are comfortable with their LAN system – everything is right where they can see it, they have a trusted IT manager and they feel in control of things. They would just like more a powerful suite of software to make their office run more smoothly.


That’s why the Diversified suite is built to run easily across your local area network.

Seamless Integration

We’ve spent decades developing our software to work seamlessly on major LAN systems, integrating with popular accounting software and programs you use to generate reports!

With a click of a button, you can start generating paperless bills, sent to your customer by email and collect money through our secure online payment system.

Incredible Support

We know it’s a big jump for staff to have to learn to use new software and perhaps a new way of doing things, so we focused on building the best support you will ever find – It’s something our customers rave about. After our initial training sessions, your staff can just jump on the phone whenever they’re in doubt and someone close by will walk them through things in language they can clearly understand!

 Another layer of security

A natural disaster or a system hacked or locked up with ransomware is every utility manager’s worst nightmare. Without a reliable backup, your system can be down for weeks, effectively shutting down your billing and collection. Recovery can be a slow and costly process.

Diversified make it easy with a ‘backup’ button. Just hit the button before you go home every day and your data will be backed up on our secure cloud. With backups going back 30 days, we can always restore a clean version of your data that predates the virus infection.

You’re never alone

You’re not alone any more – you have a team of IT experts and service personnel ready to jump in and help you in the event of a disaster or malicious attack.

If your server or LAN becomes unusable, we will restore your data on our cloud system and you can continue working from any location you want. If that’s not possible, our service bureau can take over and continue your billing and collection until your office is back up and running.

Your customers will continue to experience the same level of service, completely unaware of what has been happening in the background.

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