Gas Billing Software That Takes the Headache Out of Running a Utility

Gas Billing Software

Customers take it for granted the gas will work every time they turn it on.

In many ways, gas is the most difficult service to deliver to households. Customers take it for granted – they turn the dial and expect the gas to be there. You keep the gas flowing consistently, yet you face a barrage of customer complaints.


A simple mistake on their bill, or the fact that they can’t pay online – handling these complaints day after day, ties up valuable staff and lowers their morale, resulting in staff being disengaged, exponentially increasing your costs.


Then there is safety. The constant threat of gas fires and explosions from aging infrastructure and the ongoing cost of digging these aging gas lines up and replacing them.


That’s why we developed Diversified Gas Billing Software, to take some of the stress out of running a gas utility.

Diversified Gas Billing Software simplifies the whole billing, payment and reporting process

Gas billing software makes your job easyDiversified Gas Billing Software simply makes your operation more productive – from integrating with your radio read or smart meters to exporting data directly to your accounting software. It allows you to quickly pull up a customer’s records for a customer service inquiry and export data to word or excel formats to create reports.


With user friendly software and fewer manual processes, stress is reduced and your staff enjoy their work more. Your productivity is increased, saving costs and customers are happy as their enquiries are quickly and efficiently dealt with.


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