User Friendly Electricity Billing Software that Integrates Easily With Your Operating System

Frustration of running an Electricity Utility

Customers take electricity for granted, but quickly become angry with a mistake with charges or a payment problem

It’s challenging running an electricity utility in today’s fast changing world. Customers  take the service for granted, but  are quick to complain if there is a high reading or mistake with their bill.


You also need up to date information at your fingertips so you can resolve customer problems when there are complaints. You’re under constant pressure to contain costs and streamline the organization and you have an aging workforce who are reliable and hard-working, but not accustomed to change.


We believe we have the solution to your problems:

Introducing Diversified Electric Billing Software

Diversified Electric Billing Software

Your staff will be more productive and have far fewer customer complaints when you incorporate the Diversified Electric billing suite

This powerful suite of products is user-friendly with outstanding telephone support.


People today expect to pay bills online and you can now manage online payments through our secure server.


Cut down on mistakes with automated meter reading software and export all the data straight to your accounting software and even create reports for you Microsoft Word, or Excel.


Customer service becomes a breeze with all the data easily pulled up at your fingertips.



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What Utility Managers Say About Diversified Technology

Find out how Diversified software can help transform your organization

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