Diversified Utility Software Features in Detail

Customer Service:

When you’re dealing with customers you need to have information at your fingertips. It needs to be fast and easy. Diversified Utility Software allows you to:

  • Find the customer – with a push of one button
  • Find any answer – with the push of one button
  • Send any follow-ups, bill reprints, statements, reports… with the push of a button.


The integrated email system deliveries emails immediately with high efficiency, lowering your costs and taking customer satisfaction to a whole new level!



At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much clean water you’ve delivered to your customer’s, or how much sewerage you’ve removed and processed, or how much energy you’ve provided them – that’s all taken for granted. So should timely and accurate bills.


Times have changed and technology has advanced. We’ve gone from the original data capture methods like “meter books” and “read sheets” to capturing readings in the field with handheld s/b units and downloading the data into our billing systems.  Now technology is again moving to radio reading, instantaneous reading and remote shut off capability.


A system that will Solve Today’s Problems along with Problems you’ll face Tomorrow, Right Now


Diversified Utility Software has more functionality than the majority of other systems in the marketplace, interfacing with all major brands of meter systems in North America.


The system will allow you to produce a series of exception reports based on customer’s previous usage and bills. When meter readings are unclear or questionable, you can send a work order directly to a field worker’s tablet requesting a re-read, with the push of a button.


Bills can be printed for a hard copy to be mailed out, or they can be sent directly with the integrated e-mail system – saving time and money, and dramatically improving customer satisfaction.


Customers also have an online portal, where they can view their bills and billing history, reducing the customer service your staff have to provide.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) files are automatically created for uploading to your bank.



Customers today are either already using online and mobile payments, or they’re quickly adapting to them and so must you. That is if you want happy customers and employees suffering much less stress. The bottom line is that you get paid faster – electronic payments (credit card, e-check, ACH) are much faster than checks received at your office. The money is available to you in a much shorter time and it saves a lot of manual labor with staff having to key payments in and physically take them or send them to the bank – Plus, it actually increases customer satisfaction.


Payment features of Diversified Utility Software

  • Bar Code Payment Coupons for fast and accurate posting
  • Scan & Capture every check and payment stub with Diversified Remittance Processing
  • Electronically deposit all checks with Diversified Check 21 Solution
  • Collect Payments via Diversified WebLink; a Customer Online Payment portal
  • Allow customers to pay automatically with ACH Payments
  • Tight Audit Trail and bank reconciliation and auditing.


Debt Collection

Debt Collection, begins with issuing the bill.  Consistent, reliable billing alerts, reminding a customer that a payment is due in a few days, actually increases customer satisfaction!  The effectiveness of debt collection is increased by keeping in contact with the customer after the billing date and tracking responses, continually moving forward to receipt of payment, or in a worst case scenario down the path to a disconnection or court lien.


Diversified Utility Software provides the necessary tools to generate timely notices in both paper and electronic formats.  Shut-off notices, door posting and added fees can all be automated to benefit your organization immensely.  Communication with customers and field workers are built in as are board reports.


Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment

Open Interface:


Diversified Utility Software is built on Object Oriented architecture, which enables our programmers to keep pace with a changing industry.  From the beginning, it was designed to easily integrate with third party meter reading systems, almost any accounting system, and third party vendors.    Today that includes merchant banks, print shops, credit reporting agencies and other utility organizations.


This list is certain to continue to grow and evolve as technology and standard business practices evolve.



Any billing system is only as good as the reporting.  For that reason, we elected not to use third party systems such as Crystal Reports. Instead, we developed the most powerful and flexible reporting system you’ll find on the market.  The system generates all key reports, plus dozens more, which are all searchable and sortable down to a field.  You can view them, print them, email or export them to a dozen different formats.  It’s the fastest and easiest reporting you’ll ever encounter.


Accounting Interface:

We want you to have a system that you’re comfortable with – that is exactly what you want. So if you are happy with your current accounting system, we’ll interface Diversified Utility Software with it.  The standard system interfaces with Abila MIP, AccountMate, Sage and QuickBooks – But if you have something different, we’re happy to create a custom interface for it.


CASS Certification:

Interfaces with CASS to Reduce Postage Costs and ensure your bills are delivered


The Diversified Utility Software Suite interfaces with CASS service providers to validate your customer’s addresses for fast, accurate postal processing.


CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) is United States Postal Service software that streamlines the process of mailing bills. USPS offer discount postage for organizations who use the software. To be eligible for these discounts, you must however obtain CASS certification, by verifying your mailing list against the Postal Service’s USPS database. This ensures all addresses are correct and each mail piece can be delivered. If an address is flagged because it is not deliverable, you will be able to contact the customer and correct it, saving time and speeding up the collection process.


By streamlining the process of sending bills, we make the job much easier for your billing clerk. Your database is uploaded to the service provider, changes are recorded and the postal bar code is printed on the bill. We then print the zip code order and produce the zip code report to speed up your postal form preparation.

Diversified Utility Software simplifies the whole billing, payment and reporting process

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