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The Harsh Reality for Utility Organizations

Customers dissatisfied with outdated utility billing systemsGood utility billing software is essential – people are busy these days and prefer to pay their bills online. A recent survey, in fact shows 59% of bills in the US are now paid electronically with 41% of Americans paying them on a mobile device.

At the same time, studies show that aging technology is a significant challenge for 85% of utility organizations. 75% of them do not even have online bill pay functionality!

So while utility organizations remain stuck in the dark ages, customers and staff yearn for a better system.

74% of customers say that a lack of online bill pay is the cause of higher dissatisfaction levels with their utility provider and 60% of calls that tie up staff of utility companies are from unhappy customers calling about billing challenges.

So if you’re dealing with high levels of customer dissatisfaction and low staff morale, take a moment to fill in the form and book an obligation free demonstration of this flexible, easy to use Utility Billing Software.

In the words of our clients: “It’s a Game Changer” “They make my world easy” “We have the best billing and collection organization in our area”


Why Use Diversified Technology?

Utility billing software with Full Training and Ongoing SupportPowerful software that can be hosted on the cloud or in your office on your LAN.

Utility billing software with Full Training and Ongoing Support

Automated billing systems make it easy for consumers to pay their bills safely online!

Utility billing software with Full Training and Ongoing SupportCan be integrated with your existing system and upgraded in stages when it suits you!

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